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Over/Under Bets in Sports

What are Over/Under Bets in Sports? Their pros and cons

Over/Under bets in a sports center is one of the most popular bets and center on the total score between two teams or athletes. Thats why such bets are often called “total bets”. Actually, there is always the score predicted by the oddsmakers (bookmakers) as for example bookmaker 20Bet. And if you believe that the the final score will be greater or equal to less than what was set by the oddsmakers, you place the “Over”, or the “Under” Bet.

Over/ Under Betting Explained

Over/ Under Betting

An over/under bet or an over/under bet is a very popular type of bet, especially in football matches. With this type of bet, the bettor does not bet on the exact result or a winner, but rather on whether more or less than X goals will be scored in a match. However, the bettor does not specify the exact number of goals, but only whether more or less than the specified number of goals will be scored. In addition to the popular betting market of betting on the number of goals, some bookmakers also offer other markets on which you can bet with Over Under. These include, for example, the number of corner kicks, cards in the match, or even how many substitutions will take place in the match.

If you bet on “Over” in your Over/Under betting, then you assume that goals will be scored in the match. There is no over bet that includes a 0:0. The betting options start at 0.5 and if there is a goal or more, no matter how many, you win the bet. If there is a goal or more, no matter how many, you win the bet.  

Advantages and disadvantages of Over/Under betting

Advantages and disadvantages

Since the Over Under bet is a 2-way bet, it is less risky and thus much more popular among bettors than betting on the exact number of goals. Due to the fact that there are only two possible match outcomes and the risk is thus minimized, the Over/Under bet is also excellent for combination bets. Corresponding to the 2-way bet is also the ratio of the odds. As a rule, the bookmaker sets 2.5 goals as the limit for over/under bets. Thus, the betting odds are relatively balanced. If now a house-high favorite plays against an absolute outsider, then usually more than two goals are assumed.

Almost every person who is fond of betting has to bet over or under at some point. And there’s a simple reason for that: unlike normal single bets, where either team 1 can win, the game ends in a draw, or team 2 wins, with Over/Under there are only two ways to win – Over or Under. Moreover, it doesn’t matter at all how exactly the match will turn out and who will to to emerge as the winner. In the case of the Over/Under bet on goals, for example, only how many goals were scored in the match is relevant. This fact makes it easier for sports bettors to estimate the outcome of the match.

However, it is important to remember, that even if you decide on such safe bets you always need to be well-informed about the type of sports you bet on and never make impulsive decisions.

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